&yetConf Quotes

From October 6th–8th, &yet put on &yetConf, “a conference about the intersections of technology with humanity, meaning and ethics for people who believe the world should be better and are determined to make it so.”

There is no possible way to summarize the experience in a short blog post, and most who attended are still trying to relive the moments in their head (just go read the #andyetconf hashtag on Twitter). To encourage engagement with people, wifi wasn’t made available, so it’s hard to recall everything without a perfect memory.

For now, I‘ll just post my favorite speaker quotes (of those I jotted down) and let them make your mind wander in whichever direction they inspire. These aren’t attempts to summarize talks— I assume we’ll have videos soon.

Juan Benet

  • “It is incredibly easy to change the web.”
  • “Go out and improve the web in whatever way you think matters.”

Kyle Drake

  • “I don’t think the internet has progressed at all in the last 10 years.”
  • “HTML is great; HTTP is the problem.”

Sharon Steed

  • “I stutter. So I had to learn how to talk to people.”
  • I believe we need to make the conversation about the other person.”
  • “As a result of asking people things about themselves, I was able to take the ‘sharing society’ offline.”
  • “Empathy is the cornerstone of connecting with other people.”
  • “People don’t remember or identify with perfect. They remember or identify with flawed.”

Nathan “Fritzy” Fritz

  • “If things continue as they are right now, they get very very weird.”
  • “Your little Grunt script’s not going to grow you any food, I’m sorry.”
  • “People are going to need to depend on each other again, not on the global infrastructure.”

Willow Brugh

  • “If we trust the people we interact with, we can support ourselves.”
  • “Centralized systems, with larger and larger size, will inevitably fail due to complexity.”

Forrest Norvell

  • “People just show up…”
  • “Most open source contributors will address their own needs.”
  • “Being overwhelmed is one of the main things that leads to burnout.”
  • “Being the same person everywhere is a huge asset to me.”
  • “This kind of work is a lot harder, if not impossible, without a support system around you.”

Amber Case

  • “The scarcest resource in the 21st century is attention.”
  • “[Use] just the amount of technology to get something done — and nothing more.”

Henrik Joreteg

  • “We’re far too passive about our time.”
  • “What would happen if just a percentage of our [TV/boredom] time went toward creating something?”
  • “Your time is literally the most precious resource that you have!”
  • “We should refuse to spend our time passively.”
  • “‘Going with the flow’ is the antithesis of having an impact.”

Lynn Fisher

  • “Be good at many things.”
  • “Our jobs should be places we can be our whole selves.”

Adam Brault

  • “Do it anyway.”