The real possibility for an alien life-form

My brother is obsessed with all things aliens and space, and to a lesser extent, with conspiracies and other such topics, often dismissed by skeptics (people are skeptics by default) and others who “just don’t get it”. I wish I was too — I certainly enjoy reading some stories (written by both ‘believers’ and skeptics), and I love seeing my brother light up when fringe subjects are brought up in a discussion and he gets his chance to educate us.

My intuition, backed by probabilities and simple math, tells me that the likelihood of some kind of life-form, sentient, intelligent life-form, must exist elsewhere, that we are not alone (the excellent essay on the Ferni Paradox is highly recommended) is high. And yet, I never trusted any of the stories about UFOs hovering over cities, abductions, little green men — products of human fascination and imagination. But, like they say, “I want to believe”.

The recent big story about the possibility of a mega-structure built around a star 1.5 the size of our sun, for energy harnessing purposes, constructed by an extremely advanced civilization (or maybe being remnants of a civilization/race long gone) is very exciting. It will probably be eventually explained once more data become available, attributed to some natural phenomena, but until then, I ‘d like to believe that this may be this one time where we have concrete evidence that there is something — anything — out there, for real this time.

I can’t even imagine the implications of such a discovery. Our collective interest will shift to that finding. It will be the most important event in the history of mankind. It may be the beginning of the end, or simply the end — depending on how this plays out — but my excitement is palpable and I ll be watching how this story unfolds with great interest.