Why I stopped paying attention to industry news
Jason Fried

The problem with actively avoiding news and learning about developments related to your work domain is that you may miss an opportunity,an important piece of information, an inspiration trigger — something very valuable. Even if the most popular developments reach us via our networks and by their tendency to come into our purview somehow, it’s what is not popular enough that both mostly doesn’t matter enough to us, and also may be that which we wish we ‘d know about.

I suppose monitoring information sources, being always on the lookup, investing time going through lists (titles) of news items and other such stories/developments just in case you come across the One Story that makes it worthwhile is rarely worth it, but maybe someone will come up with a nice handy service which tracks channels, identifies popular(shared) content and ignores it — because chances are it will reach you anyway — and only considers everything else, giving you some kind of review every day/week, breaking it all down into tag clouds(I know..), or some other form optimal for quick review. I would personally love to use such a service.

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