To the entitled jerk on my flight at 2:00 AM
Mirah Curzer

No doubt he’s an asshole and much of what you write is spot on, but I’m bothered by a piece of it as well as a comment. How do you know the man was rich? How do you know he criticized the gate attendant because he was black? Was the flight attendant also black? If not, than is that a logical conclusion? Or do you think he was going to be critical of anybody who was female, black, or whatever disadvantaged minority presented itself? Do you have any evidence to suggest that was the case with this individual or are you just assuming that all people look at the world that way? And the commenter who made a reference to the white patriarchy — again, let’s step back and question whether this is really what it’s about from the guy’s perspective. Or are you turning it into that without a shred of evidence at all?

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