Attack of the Misguided Nazis and Their White Feminist Enablers
Anthony J. Williams

The re-emergence of white identitarianism shows that atomized, deracinated and alienated white men have rejected the Enlightenment’s unnatural model for human life and have sought to reconnect with their extended families again. In other contexts people would see this as a healthy development, like how young Jews from around the world travel to Israel to learn about their common tribal identity.

Identitarianism also shows the problem with our elites’ efforts to merge humanity into one huge ball of fungible mystery meat, mainly with the goal of making white Europeans go away, as the Austrian nobleman Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi advocated decades ago. The YouTube Alt Right personality Millennial Woes has talked about how race-mixing results in lost children who have a void where an identity should have gone. They try to fill this void with sexual hedonism, alcohol, drugs and radical politics, only to discover that these substitutes don’t work.

Children produced within their own people can also lose their way, of course. But why should we add to children’s burdens by leaving their generation to haphazard encounters between members of tribes alien to each other?

Enough of these lost children have become public figures in recent years that we can see their dysfunctions writ large; one of them moved out of the White House last week. Yet our elites discount this preventable suffering because their project to eliminate white people takes priority over the welfare of the randomly bred children that their Kalergi-like social engineering produces.

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