Why Capitalism Didn’t Free Americans — It Exploited Them
umair haque

Dear Umair, your analysis of your society is great. Really I love it. I ALWAYS WONDER how much people see the same thing as you see. If I read your peaces, I am moved and at same time I feel a fear, a fear that what you describe that it is the same over the entire world. You are sketching a future I do not want to be a part of. And I am worrying about the future of my children. I live in Europe and in Europe things are not as beautiful as they must be. We have here also poor people and angry people and neo-Nazis and dictators, but there is a social-democratic way of living and how we behave to poor, sick and handicapped people. I have the hope, I still have hope, that people are survivors. Without going through a new war or going through a new Holocaust and so on.

I hope that we are rethinking our existence and not running like lemmings to the abyss. I am a supporter of your vision and I also hope this beautiful America goes the way back to a kind of social democratic society and rethinking how they will live together in coming future. It will be not easy, but I think there are lots and lots of people there who will take the lead. There are more good people than bad people and the good will always survive! History has shown.