Can Pheromones For Men Boost Attraction?

Do you find yourself becoming possessed of the need to have a woman because she turns you on? Are you given to anger or resentment when you don’t get what you want? Are you distracted by beauty? Or, do women fuel your mission in life and energize you to make a difference?

With pheromones for men, you can increase your attraction towards the opposite sex while boosting your confidence and social status. Pheromones are nature’s hidden secret to influence sexual behavior. Used by birds, insects, and mammals, pheromones have been discovered in humans and shown through studies to have an influence in behavior.

If you find yourself captivated by a woman’s pheromones– by how the light dances in her eyes, the pitch of her laughter, or how she glides across a room — you already know what it is to appreciate a woman and femininity. You already know what it means to open to the archetype of the pheromones in relationship to the women in your life, and in relationship to the world at large.

The pheromone user is because he’s an actual seduction artist, but because he has a relationship to femininity and women that makes women come alive in his presence.

Within every woman is a powerful desire to be seen. Like women themselves, this desire may seem odd or mysterious to you.

You likely don’t have this same desire, at least not with the same intensity. The feminine in all of us identifies with the light and with being seen. The masculine in all of us identifies with the witness and the observer. When you animate you increase your pheromone production by acting as the witness and the observer, you create a powerful polarity of sexual attraction with a woman.

Women , Men, and Pheromones

Every woman, regardless of how you may judge her beauty, has a deep desire to be seen and appreciated by eyes that can truly see her. A woman may not have much confidence in her beauty and may have a hard, guarded exterior, but the desire to be seen and celebrated is there, waiting, like a seed to burst open to the warmth of the sun. Under the right conditions, with care and attention, the seed becomes a flower. As The Artist, when you see a woman — truly see her — her “petals” open to reveal her radiant, feminine essence. You’ve probably glimpsed this essence before: A happy, confident woman exudes it like a fragrance. Of course, many women never receive this gift from a man, even in relationships that endure over decades, because the men in their lives are oblivious to this aching, feminine desire. A woman can be like a dandelion among thousands of others for her man, or she can be a single red rose in a field of weeds.

Pheromones increase attraction for men and women. For most men, seeing a beautiful woman tends to be a pelvic event. It simply activates a physical desire to possess that object of beauty and empty one’s self into it. For the pheromone user, those sexual feelings arise but are accompanied by a desire to join a woman spiritually and from his heart.

This isn’t simply wishful thinking and a projection from a woman hoping some prince might act this way. In fact, it is what men who are successful lovers and partners have told me about their experiences.

When these men learn to appreciate women and femininity separate from their own desires and satisfying their own sexual needs, they feel the power of pheromones they have to affect how a woman feels about herself and how she moves and flows in the world. That’s a pretty intoxicating thing to come to know and understand about being a man.

As I’ve said, being able to live the pheromone attraction archetype — in relation to women and to the world — does not mean you have to become an artist as a job, or even as a hobby. It does mean there are ways of being you can practice that will positively and significantly impact your ability to attract, engage with, and maintain a deep passionate relationship with a woman. As the pheromone seducer, you have the opportunity to see the world, the women in it, and the particular woman in front of you at three important levels: her feminine essence, her unique physical beauty, and her deep inner beauty.

The first opportunity is to see a woman’s feminine essence is by using human pheromones with your cologne. This is not specific to any particular woman and requires you to see and appreciate what is universally feminine about her. It is important not to overlook this, as it is her feminine essence that actually attracts you sexually. It is the mysterious part of her that is most different from you and usually the source of most of the confusion men have about the women they love.

The second opportunity is to see her unique pheromone scent. This is usually what you think is attracting you. It may be the shape of her legs, the curve of her breasts, the way her hair plays across her face, or the sparkle in her eyes. The trick here is to look past your typical sexual triggers and see something uniquely beautiful about her.

The third opportunity is to see a woman’s deep inner beauty. And yes, inner pheromone production is real. The inability to see it and love it is simply a limitation. You might be thinking, “Yeah, she’s a good person and loves puppies, but what really turns me on is the shape of her ass. Isn’t all this “seeing her deep inner beauty” just kind of bullshit, just a sort of meaningless exercise?” Well, that kind of depends on what you want.

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