Experiments With Top Pheromones

In this article, I discuss my review of the top pheromones based on my research.

What Are Pheromones?

A pheromone is a chemical signal secreted by animals to influence the behavior of others. It creates a heightened response from those that they come into contact with it. Pheromones give out the scent of sex. They provide a sense of sexual magnetism that makes the ordinary person attractive to others.

How Pheromones Work

A pheromone is a natural scent that both men and women produce in small amounts. Women produce copulins, and men produce androstenone and androstenol. They come from glands that are in the armpit and genital areas. Others can’t smell your pheromones, but they are detected by the nose.

Unfortunately, because of soaps, and other products people use during their daily hygiene rituals, most natural pheromones are obscured. They can’t attract members of the opposite sex in the way that nature originally intended. Learn more at http://pheromones-planet.com.

Top Pheromones Found in Colognes and Perfumes

As already mentioned, pheromones aren’t all the same. There are several main varieties found in the human pheromone perfumes:


This is a powerful androgen that starts working during the fetal stage of human development. It’s responsible for the appearance of masculine traits.

This is a human-only pheromone that’s linked to high levels of masculinity and dominance.


Two varieties exist — alpha and beta androstenol. Alpha-androstenol is a pheromone linked to seeming friendly and very approachable. Beta-androstenol is the one that’s capable of causing romantic feelings. Some call androstenol an “ice-breaker pheromone”. This is because it helps strangers approach each other without experiencing anxiety.


Predominantly known as a male pheromone, androstenone creates feelings of dominance and male aggression. It’s the pheromone that alpha males produce in large quantities. And it will usually increase the sexual tension between two individuals.


This pheromone is one of the primary chemicals produced by females. It’s known to have mood-elevating qualities.


Copulins are a group of female pheromones. They’re predominantly secreted during ovulation and they encourage men to seek contact with women.

Aqua Vitae

In the beginning, your body is trying to get adjusted to a new pheromone. But eventually, it gets used to how the product works.

Products like Aqua Vitae make you sense the other alpha males in the room. And this makes some men feel anxious, competitive or even scared. But this just means that your body is getting adjusted to the pheromone.

The more that you use Aqua Vitae, the better you’ll be able to get rid of these perceived threats.

As a beginner, you may get negative vibes. But after continued use, you’ll eventually turn into a confident, cool alpha male with plenty of swaggers. All in all, these are the side effects of Aqua Vitae.

The following is a simple summary of Aqua Vitae by Liquid Alchemy Labs

Now, understand that some men won’t be happy with the competition. This is especially true if their women are attracted to you. Although it may be difficult to do in some situations, just try to stay out of trouble. Interact with single women who are more interested in you than your competition.

Aqua Vitae will give you the confidence to say what you want to say. It makes it easier to close the deal with women. And remember that you have to talk to women in order to seduce them. Vitae gives you the ability to do this with ease. This is an added bonus for men who have trouble talking to beautiful women.

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The Effects of Pheromones

Pheromones have been studied for over 100 years. However, it’s only in the last few years that they have become commonplace. They’re used as a way to improve your level of attractiveness to the opposite sex.

The word pheromone is originally derived from Greek. The word pherein which literally means to transfer and is used in pheromones because they transfer ideas, states or information. The word hormon means to stimulate.

Pheromones can stimulate many experiences. However, the primary one we’re concerned with is to improve attractiveness, in particular, sexual attractiveness. They function by these invisible chemicals causing minute changes in the brain.

Scientist first discovered human pheromones related to sexual activity in the year 1986. Since then, men and women have been utilizing their power to help appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Pheromones are undetectable though by humans in the traditional sense.

They are odorless, colorless and tasteless. So how do they work at getting people attracted to you? We all have a special organ located in the nose that picks up the pheromone molecules. The organ then passes the pheromone molecules to the brain where it is decoded into its corresponding message. This can be anything from anger, fear, love and yes; lust.

It has been proven that male pheromones have an impact on women in more than just a mental way. They also cause physical changes. For example, menopause was found to happen later than usual if a woman was exposed to male pheromones. Pheromones also help to regulate menstrual cycles and some scientists believe it may help with infertility.

If you‘re’ the type of person who likes to go out looking for women remember this. Often times there is more to it than what you perceive. You may have a great game but some nights just can’t seem to get lucky. Pheromones play a large part in the initial stages of attraction. By using a spray you can put pheromones on your side every time allowing you to focus solely on the object at hand. It helps boost your confidence, make people more attracted to you and lowers your chances of denial.

If you’ve bought pheromones before you could fall prey to one of the pheromone scams on the internet. All too often I’ve seen hyped up sales pages with claims that can’t possibly be true.

When I started experimenting with pheromones I was duped a few times. I ended up with what I deemed as a very expensive bottle of bad smelling water, nothing more. Whats worse there was often no way to contact the companies that had sold this to me. And all I could do was write about my experience online and hope nobody else got duped.

The first thing I do when considering any product is to check and make sure it contains real pheromones. You want to look for a product that clearly defines its ingredients and the concentrations.

Always check other peoples experiences with a product before you purchase it. Unlike some other pheromone websites on the internet, I have nothing but good things to say about every product. Products I have bought have stunk and I’m not afraid to say so.

Finally, check the page where you’re buying the product. Things like money back guarantees, contact numbers, and physical addresses give me peace of mind. At least I know if it doesn’t perform I have a way to get in touch with the company who sells it.

Finally, remember that using pheromones won’t make girls fling their clothes off. You still have to put to work. Instead, pheromones can help sway the balance in your favor and normally that’s enough. However, you won’t be able to click your fingers and get the girl of your dreams.

So, before you invest in a pheromone cologne you should know several different things.

1. What pheromones are guaranteed to be in them?

Your pheromone cologne or product should list which pheromones are inside. It’s best to have the top three pheromones but you need to have at least one for them to be effective.

2. Your pheromone cologne should have a good amount of pheromones (high concentration)

Just because a pheromone product has pheromones inside doesn’t mean their effective. One of the reasons behind this is because you need a certain amount for them to make a noticeable difference. You should be looking for at least .025 of pheromone concentration.

This also should caution you from buying a “cheap” pheromone cologne. Because they can’t possibly contain enough pheromones to be effective. When you buy a cheap product it actually costs you more money because they aren’t effective. So, your investment is wasted.

3. A long guarantee to prove the product works

When you are choosing to purchase a pheromone cologne you should look at what type of guarantee they are offering. Most offer 30 days and that is usually sufficient. But if their products worked why not offer longer?