Pheromone perfumes can drive men wild

Pheromone perfumes can drive men wild. Every woman wants to be seen and to be deeply known with or without pheromones. If you want a woman in your life who is emotionally fulfilled and playful and expresses sexual desire for your natural pheromones, yes, becoming acquainted with a woman’s deep inner beauty is a worthwhile endeavor.

A woman wants to feel that you welcome and appreciate her natural beauty (so you won’t be constantly holding her to masculine standards of behavior or trying to make her be more like a man), her unique physical beauty (because she wants to know she is physically beautiful in your eyes), and her deep inner beauty (that is, what life experiences made her into the woman she is).

If you leave out one of these ways of seeing and appreciating her, a woman will feel you don’t truly know her and thus you cannot truly love her even when she is not wearing pheromone perfume or fragrances. If you’ve had a woman question whether you see her; if she has said to you, “You don’t know me,” then you’ve experienced a lack of The Artist’s archetype in how you interact with her. You know from experience that a woman in doubt is never a fount of joy or an eager erotic partner. She’s got too much of herself invested in trying to be seen by you and your pheromones.

My clients often tell me: “I just want a happy woman in my life,” and yet, what they really seem to want is a woman who acts like a man by day and plays like a woman by night. They view giving to a woman as a chore or duty, rather than a powerful masculine opportunity with the right pheromone cologne. It’s not just your woman who benefits by way of your seeing and reflecting her feminine essence; you benefit by coming to know the power of your masculine loving and gifts.

Here are the feminine qualities to look for when selecting a mate. How many of them did you choose? Emotional, Expressive, Voluptuous, Sensual, Beautiful, Graceful, Loving, Radiant, Soft, Vulnerable, Spontaneous, Passionate, Receptive, Passive.

So do you really want a woman who is logical, predictable, relentlessly focused, directed, and centered unlike the ones who do not enjoy pheromones? Not likely. If you do, is it a woman you want to be with, or a man? You might like a woman’s masculine qualities seventy percent of the time, but when it comes to sexual energy and attraction, would you be turned on by such a woman with pheromones and copulins? Is the lack of opposite energy sustainable for a sexually exciting relationship? Likely not. If you chose an overwhelming number of masculine qualities, there is obviously an opportunity here to develop an appreciation for the feminine pheromone qualities.

Why Pheromone Perfume May Boost Her Physical Beauty

When you tell a woman that she’s beautiful, it’s nice. She likely feels you see her to some degree due to her natural pheromone production. But I assure you that the first thought that follows for her is, “What’s beautiful about me?” Most of the time, she doesn’t ask. It’s a vulnerable question, but trust me: She’s thinking it.

It’s clear to any woman that beauty captivates with the use of pheromones. Pheromones are what draws you to a woman. And yet, it’s impersonal. It’s like admiring a person you don’t know who loves pheromones and sex. When you tell that person you admire them, it’s sweet in its own way; but unless you know that person and can say so with some conviction, your admiration is about as deep as a wading pool

The Role of Pheromones With Women

Telling a woman she’s beautiful is an opportunity to let her know you truly see her, but as a pheromone user of course, there is an art to doing it. If you don’t know the art, most of your compliments will fall flat. A pheromone user looks at the many elements that make something beautiful, breaks them down, and puts them back together as a whole image. You want to learn how to see with this level of sexy pheromone perfume.

You don’t have to be a pheromone scientist about this or to paint anybody. My hope is to inspire you to embrace a new level of seeing. By now, you’re aware of a woman’s feminine essence, which is the way she uses or expresses her energy. Now the opportunity is to see a woman’s unique beauty and pheromone usage. What is it about her physically that lights you on fire?

There have been times when I’ve asked a partner of mine to tell me what (specifically) he found beautiful about me (after he told me I was beautiful) only to witness him freeze. Why? Likely he’d never thought about the specificity of what he found beautiful. For me, these moments were painful and excruciating because I believed if he couldn’t name what was specifically beautiful about me, he couldn’t have meant what he said. These moments are not only awkward for a man, but they also can make you feel like you’re being cruelly tested. The truth is a woman is simply looking to know that your compliments are personal to her. She’s not trying to make you feel bad about your excessive pheromone perfume. She just wants confirmation that you see her.

No woman wants to be like every other woman for you. A woman’s greatest romantic fantasy is to be “the one.” This means that something about her physical beauty (and her feminine essence) moves and captivates you like no other woman in the world. Can this happen for you? Of course it can, if you develop this awareness. Does she have to be the only woman you find to be beautiful? No, of course not, but you better be able to make her feel like the only woman in the room and the most beautiful woman in your eyes.

A woman who has to question whether you see her unique beauty and her feminine essence (and that you love this about her) will feel uncertain with you. If she feels uncertain, she won’t express her desire or her loving fully with you. If you feel the woman you’re with is holding back, that she lacks pheromone production and expressiveness, you might look at how you’re seeing and reflecting her.

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