Is Pheromone Perfume for You?

Science has been instrumental in bringing revolutionary changes in the development of humans. The contribution of science is not only limited to technology but is also evident in the everyday lives of humans. One such discovery is pheromone perfume for men. Pheromone perfumes promise to tip the game of sexual attraction in favor of men who use them.

Despite the loads of information available from various sources on how sexual attraction works, most men have very little idea about it. Most of their efforts to woo a woman fail. This is because they tend to focus on skills of attracting women rather than the chemistry between two people.

Scientific proofs that chemistry caused by sex hormones or pheromones is responsible for a woman’s attraction toward a man have had revolutionary effects. Millions of men are now using proven pheromones perfume brands like Pherazone pheromones to successfully attract women.

Role of Pheromones in Sexual Attraction

To understand the need for a perfume with pheromones we should begin by getting an insight into pheromones.

Pheromones are defined as chemical signals or aromas that are transmitted by many animal groups. They invoke a particular type of response from other animals of that group. Pheromones serve various kinds of purposes in different animals.

They are generally emitted by animals to:

  • Signal other animals to come together
  • Warn other animals about an attack from an intruder
  • Mark a territory as their own
  • Leave a trail for other animals to follow
  • Emit sexual response from opposite-sex

The role of pheromones in sexual attraction was well-documented in animals. However, there was very little information about the role of pheromone in humans. So until recently, it was assumed that pheromones had no significance in attracting the opposite sex.

Human Pheromones Research

However, recent scientific research has proved that not only do men emit pheromones but they also serve as a signal for women to be subconsciously attracted to them. The discovery of sensory organ inside the nose of humans that facilitates detecting of pheromones has further helped scientists understand the complete chemical process of sexual attraction.

So when a man emits sex hormone from his body, it is detected by the sensory organ of the woman. The sex hormone, which is odorless, conveys sexual information of the man to the woman like man’s fertility level, his sexual interest in a woman, arousal state, and his potency.

This sexual information is received by the woman’s sensory organ and is then transmitted to her brain that invokes a subconscious sexual response from the woman. So the woman is actually not aware of why she is being attracted to a man and responding to his sexual signals generated by pheromones.

Since this discovery has been made public, more and more men are relying on human pheromone perfume to arouse sexual interest from the woman they desire. More and more men are shifting their focus from learning skills, improving appearance and enhancing fitness level to simply using perfume with pheromones to attract women.

The Need of Human Pheromones Perfume

Skeptics have questioned what the requirement of pheromone perfume, pheromone cologne, and other pheromone sprays is when sex pheromones are naturally emitted by men. They have also pointed out that other male animals do not require such products to convey their sexual interest in female animals.

The reason why a man of today needs pheromone level to supplement his natural sex hormone emissions is that today’s lifestyle drastically masks the natural pheromone and makes it inadequate to be of any help in attracting women.

A few of factors that veil pheromone of men today is:

  • Daily shower that washes away a large part of pheromone
  • Aftershave lotions and body sprays
  • Cosmetics, perfumes, and deodorants
  • Pollution in the air, cigarette smoke, and room fresheners
  • Different layers of clothes that do not let pheromones escape from men’s body
  • Other odors emitted at workplace, home or places of social gatherings

It is also evident that nowadays men’s pheromones are not reaching women at all. Or even if received, they are mixed with other aromas. Therefore, there is a distinct need of pheromones perfume like Pherazone pheromones for men. This product is exactly similar to the natural pheromones and is of immense help in attracting women.

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