Donald Trump, the men who have grabbed me by the pussy, and you
Robyn Swirling

I am sorry that so many “men” have subjected you to repeated abuse, and that so many other “men” have failed you in decrying this “locker room talk” because no, it is not “locker room talk”. It is bragging about committing repeated acts of sexual assault. I and NONE of my male friends have ever talked to each other in anything remotely close to this disgusting vomit coming out of Trump’s, and his apologist’s mouth.
I have more respect for women than to do this to them, and more respect for myself than to brag about even the THOUGHT of it. I though this sort of vomit had ended when men and women crawled out of caves and started creating society. I would gladly show, in very physical terms, my displeasure in catching anyone committing these acts. And anyone “just talking” claiming they do this, would hear my condemnation as I drop them from ever being around me again. 
Again, sorry that so many “men” in your past didn’t measure up any better than an animal, you, and every other woman on the planet deserves so much better.

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