donald trump vs Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King

Can the country that gave us Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who must have been the greatest democratically elected leader in modern history, (maybe Gladstone from late 19th century Britain slips in here) elect a man who can say at a public meeting ‘ I wanna punch him in the face’ or ‘Muslims are dangerous’. Let alone a man who is prepared to stoop to allusions about the size of his penis.

Wake up America!

Even Andrew Jackson would have been embarrassed by Trump. And Jackson really was a vicious populist! Jackson was prepared to make a ‘ vale of tears’ for native Americans in order that his voters could go forth and make a new life in the west. We condemn him now but he was a man of his times. Trump is a man of our times and he should know better.

Our times are those expressed by the great Dr Martin Luther King when he said,’ It is either non- violence or non existence’

I watched a man at a donald trump rally say to a protester ‘ Go back to Africa’.

Should this person have a voice in The White House?

Dear America, I love you, don’t turn your back on your glorious past.

Written by Mark Rapley, co-founder of Blabmate, online English teachers directory.