There’s Nothing Wrong — or Even New — About Zuckerberg’s New LLC
Nadia Eghbal

Time will tell whether these models work…but perhaps these tech geniuses suffer from the delusion that everybody either can be, or wants to be, a self employed revenue generator. They hang out with each other and think that everybody else is just like them but lacking start up funds and motivation. But perhaps what many people need is a decent community, good policing, a good education and the opportunity to do a good days work. And maybe these things will not all lend themselves to revenue generating models but will require social investment from which the return is honest men and women who are good neighbours and parents. And this social investment can only come from a government supported by great tech businesses that agree to pay their fair share of tax. I have the impression that there is nothing new here — wealthy and successful men — for they are mostly men — with an ideological commitment to individualism that is taken to an extreme and justifies their tax avoidance strategies. But I hope I am wrong.

Mark Rapley, co-founder of Blabmate, online English teachers directory