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Since Laravel 5.5, there is an easy way to use React in your Laravel Application. By default, a fresh Laravel application comes with Vue JavaScript framework. To use React instead of Vue, follow the following steps.

Let’s create a new Laravel project using composer by entering the following command to the command line interface.

Change the current working directory to our new Laravel project.

Let’s set the preset to React.

Finally, let’s install the dependencies for React.

That’s how simple it is to use React in a Laravel Project.

Happy Coding!

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

I recently created my personal website and noticed a “Not Secure” tag on my web browser’s url bar when I accessed it the first time. This does not look good for any website, now does it?

First things first

An SSL Certificate is required to make the requests between clients and servers secure. Accessing any website that does not have an SSL Certificate will show a “Your connection is not private” warning or something like that.

I created an SSL Certificate for my website using Let’s Encrypt.

Moving on

Now, there are many ways to redirect HTTP request to HTTPS. One of the easiest and…

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