It all started the day you got off the bus one stop early and walked home. You felt good. You felt fit. You got some air in your lungs. This new you loves walking!

Now you walk to and from Tesco Express instead of getting in the car. You even went for a walk around the park on Saturday and quite liked it. Maybe all those people traipsing around the countryside at the weekend aren’t retired, boring and a little bit vegan. Maybe they’re like you: young, dynamic, full of beans and loving life.*

*Author’s note: Many of them are…

Ordnance Survey has enjoyed a long and varied history since its military origins in the late 1700s to its current incarnation as a government-owned marketing machine for digital mapping subscriptions sold by an army of social media influencers with a penchant for #GetOutside hashtags and #Gifted Craghoppers jackets. For the last century, however, Ordnance Survey has been more commonly recognised as the organisation behind the British rambler’s favourite navigational aid, OS maps.

The next time you’re lost on a soggy hillside wearing a cagoule that’s barely holding on against the inclement British weather, you can be sure the patch of…

When Jasmin Paris crossed the finish line of the Spine Race in January in a record 83 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds — more than 12 hours faster than the previous record holder, Eoin Keith (95:17) — she became the first woman to win the race outright. She did it in a pair of inov-8s.

I’m not remotely suggesting that her choice of shoes did anything more than complement a remarkable performance, but it was the first time I’d noticed the brand in a competitive environment and it piqued my attention. I’d been vaguely aware of inov-8 for perhaps…

Tales from the trail

The Pennine Way chases the mountain tops along the rugged backbone of England and offers 268 miles of the finest upland walking in England. During my second week on one of Britain’s best-known and toughest trails, I even managed to see some of it.

I’ve been reluctant to write anything about the 15 days I spent walking the Pennine Way, but I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because walking from Edale in Derbyshire to Kirk Yetholm in Scotland alone is a profoundly different experience than a Saturday walk in the Peak District. When you’re walking a trail alone, your comfort…

Mark Rickaby

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