The Age of Apple is Over
Austin Frank

I suggest a read of Clayton M. Christensen’s ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ — or a listen to some of his ideas on disruptive innovation — before invoking ‘logical steps’. The whole point of disruptive innovation is in each step making no sense at all. Apple’s moves to sweep up what’s left of a mature smartphone market are a logical & cash positive response to where that market is it. A market which needs incremental improvement rather than explosive innovation. If there’s an economic law which says a company can’t do that whilst elsewhere in the business be busy designing the future, I must have missed it.

And then reading the words “Apple is no longer the cult brand it once was. Its products are too common”, I suddenly had a vision of the author, fumes pouring from his head, whilst writing this. Annoyed at all those ‘uncool’ people with the audacity to buy… iPhones. And, I’m sorry to say, iPhones they are more than justified in owning without having to wrap words into knots…

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