I have to agree with Ben on this.
Jo V. Fernandes

You state: “I have seen people from lower income backgrounds just throwing their money away”. Is there some book that lists what can be classed as wasting money and what, for example, is otherwise classed as an investment? There’s middle class semiotics at play here, as the risks & return of casinos is clearly known upfront by participants and regulated by state law. Can the same be said for the risk involved in paying for an education that may prove useless by the time you finish it? Or entrusting your savings to banks who have so recently shown that hiding risks doesn’t make them go away. Or what about the ludicrous price for a Starbucks coffee when you can make it 100x cheaper at home?

The belief one has the right to moralise on others lifestyle choices is dangerous. It’s the start of a pretty well trodden downward slope to a crappily managed central economy like North Korea or the kind of dictatorships seen in Europe last century or today in South America.

Luckily you’re just thinking aloud….