Hollywood Bowl [a Hero Tears Tease]

Mark Roman Empire
2 min readJun 8, 2022

Announcer: “It’s Friday Night, Hollywood! What time is it?”

Audience: “Edward Time! [Thunderous applause & cheering]”

Announcer: “That’s right, Live from the Hollywood Bowl in the City of Angels, It’s Edward Oliver LIVE! Tonight’s casual conversation with: Brad Pitt, Zoe Kravitz and Pedro Pascal. Laughs with Eddie Pepitone. Music with The Weeknd and Special Surprise Guest.”

Backstage, she turns to an energetically relaxed Jim Carrey.

“Work or pleasure?”

“Pleasure, absolutely. I’m just here to watch Abel. Actually, I’m not even here. By the way, thanks again for that thing you did. I’m sleeping better now. And painting more.”

She smiled.

“As you should. You know you’re a national treasure, James.”

“Aw shucks, I’m not sure about that.” He pauses. “You’re never gonna call me Jim, are you?”

She feels her phone buzz, looks down, and grimaces.

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Mark Roman Empire

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