You’re right and you’re wrong.
Alix Kast

After reading 1/3rd of the article and then the comments. Please keep it up. Completely ignore all the reasons why Trump was elected and the DNC is in the worst spot it has been in for almost 100 years.

“They are just cult members”. Sigh, and watching Obama run us into 20 trillion in debt without a peep from the left wasn’t cultish? Nor arming Isis (8 accidents is a lot), then ignoring them as they tear through the middle east, nor throwing Israel under the bus for Iran (yet you still say we are anti-semitic using some false logic). Ignoring all of that wasn’t cultish? Trying to bring in illegals, then persuade them that they should vote then trying to get rid of the electoral college isn’t cultish? (not to mention semi treasonous).

Please keep up that we are all delusional, the midterms may hand us a super majority that way.

Enjoy that one.

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