While humans deal with a global pandemic and economic collapse, Gaia is smiling right now. The flowers continue to bloom, the birds continue to chirp and forage, the dolphins are seen visiting Venice for the first time in a long time. Gaia, our only real home, is alive on our rock called Earth.

Nature is getting a break from Human exploitation. People are more friendly and understanding during this crisis which may show us the way to a better way. If one looks beyond the news currently filled with covid-19 and economic downturn, we might find “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” (Book by Charles Esinstein). …

As we self-isolate we may realize how interconnected we ALL are….

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Most locations around the world have or will experience “social distancing”, “self-isolation”, “work from home”….. …. Humans like all other species on our planet are interconnected. We like to believe in our achievements, skills, capabilities, power, wealth, ego, or whatever. And yet, if we truly think about it during covid situation, we realize our interconnectiveness.

Will there be enough Toilet Paper? A very interconnected question that includes soil, microorganisms, mycelium, seed ,air, water, sun, lumberjack/farmer, truck driver, lumber mill, TP manufacturer, store, stockers, cashier (even at the automated ones), maintenance/service people that helped keep everything running well, utility company to provide the water so you can take a dump and wipe your ass with the minimal of smell or effort. All for $1.00 for 20+++ sessions!!!! Think about the number of people involved!?!

We are all interconnected.

Service companies should either be offering new services or improving their processes during this economic downturn and virus issue. Two weeks ago, we published an article for Field service companies to get in front of the virus issue and hopefully your company was able to take some of the actions way before the media and government was fully on board of the severity of the issue. Now that most everyone is in sync on the containment actions, the next step for service companies is to either offer new services or focus on improving business processes.

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The math experts who originally highlighted the need for immediately containment now say that a properly executed containment is only required for two weeks. Thus, your company should be prepared for adjustments over the next two to five weeks if containment measure are implemented in your service area and more if they are not. …


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