The Myth of Image Marketing: Is Coke Really a Brand?
Vince Skolny

Hey Vince,

Me: I’ll have a Coke.

Server: Is Pepsi okay?

Me: I’ll have iced tea. :)

But your point is taken. I have a strong preference for Coke (Although I’ve given it up to lose a few pounds!) but not so strong that I would pay more for one. I guess that reinforces your point.

Since your initial post about branding, and especially the Brand Promise, I have been keeping an eye out for legitimate examples. I saw one a few days ago at a Volvo dealer! I don’t want to paraphrase, so when I go back I’ll take a photo for you. It’s prominently displayed on a showroom wall. Good place for a brand promise by an auto manufacturer, eh? Interesting too, because cars have become like Coke and Pepsi, until you get into the stratospheric realm of true exotics or luxury models. There, I think manufacturers have overcome the competition on price marketing model and have established real brand preference and loyalty. And we’re not talking Ford vs. GM. vs. Toyota.

Great post, my friend!

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