Don’t Yeah Me! Wow Me!

If it’s one thing I love about people, it’s the Wow Factor. Do they inspire me? Do they inspire others? In short, do they have a Wow Attitude or a Yeah Attitude? Let me explain.

When you start building your business, you’ll encounter all sorts of people through networking and other connections. Through those interactions, you’ll start to notice something. There are those who have the Wow Factor and those that don’t.

When you encounter Wow People, you feel it inside and the synapses in your brain start to fire off like the fourth of July! That’s because the Wow Factor has a ripple effect much like the butterfly effect — you pay it forward. If you wow me, I’ll wow you back, and together we’ll wow the world, one happy customer at a time. What an awesome idea!

But there’s a new generation on the block that’s holding back this revolutionary idea from taking off. It’s called the Yeah Generation!

Made trendy by pop culture, this Yeah Attitude is now the new cool. But when it comes to running a business and making things happen, you have to stay ahead of the curve, and that means riding in the fast lane and coming up with winning ideas. In this context, Yeah… doesn’t instill confidence.

That’s why I say, “Don’t yeah me, wow me!”

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