Democratizing Data at Airbnb
Chris C Williams

Hey guys, this is such a great idea. We’ve experienced similar challenges with things like metric definitions, data lineage, etc. (aka: metadata stuff) that has led to a lack of trust from casual or non-expert users.

Two quick questions:

  1. I’m assuming it’s been positive, but what kind of response(s) have you gotten from users at Airbnb? Any ideas (from you or users) for future features?
  2. While it’s never too late, you guys are already big enough to really take advantage this tool…but if Airbnb could have had something like this from Day 1, at what stage of growth would it have been best to implement? In other words, small companies may not need this…but bigger companies may be past the point of no return (hopefully not!). Just curious if you have a sense of when a tool like this would be most useful to integrate into team workflows.

Thanks again for the great post!