2 Travelling Tots — Asian Adventure Day #10 Location: Koh Lanta Sleeping: Home @ Lanta 👍 My MacBook Air is broke, like proper broke! I was using it yesterday to make the daily vlog and the screen went!(note: day nines vlog will be out later, I can’t access the files!) One of the pitfalls of travelling on islands is that when you need something fixing, they don’t always have what you need. I went to the guys at Tab Computer, but unfortunately they couldn’t help, so I’m going to have to create all my vlogs on my iPhone 6 Plus for now. iMovie is shocking, so I’m using the Go Pro Quik app. It’s actually really cool. It takes all of my videos from yesterday and plucks out the best bits and condenses into a 1 minute video. So, I apologise for the quality, it will get better,(I just don’t know when) They say that in the future that laptops will become obsolete and all the work will be done on phones, I guess I’m just living the future now 😂 For this vlog we go to the Animal Welfare sanctuary in Koh Lanta, the work they do there is amazing. All made up of volunteers Then we tracked down a pool bar that non guests are welcome at. Rock Beach Bar, stunning! Finally, we wanted to properly witness a Koh Lanta sunset, so we headed to Long Beach, it didn’t disappoint Hope you enjoy 2 Travelling Tots X Check out our Instagram stories http://ift.tt/2ieFMjY We love a tweet! https://twitter.com/2travellingtots Follow us on Facebook http://ift.tt/2je2s8d We post daily snaps over on Snapchat, (travellingtots) Finally, #YouDecide where we go/see/do next on our Asian Adventure Go to http://ift.tt/2hSdrPD

original posted from https://youtu.be/JGGhB99q64Y

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