I would have been born sooner than 1982!

When I was born it was August 16 of 1982. My parents had been married since June 4 of 1978-

My Mom got braces shortly after and I heard that’s why they waited to have me! How dumb is that —

I found a letter that my aunt had written to my Mom dated 1980 when she was visiting Sicily and my Mom had been sick in Massachusetts with something- My aunt asked if my Mom had felt better- When I asked my Mom about the letter she told me “I was a good girl and needed an operation to have a baby-” Whatever that meant — I don’t know! I inherit all the traits of both my parents — the weight that always comes back no matter how much I diet or eat right- The dark circles under my eyes from my Nana- My eyebrows that have the picks at the ends from my Dad and his mother — my mother’s voice!I look like My Mom! People even say I look like my Dad! So yeah — nothing suspicious there!

Looking back- maybe — just maybe I would have had a brother or a sister that was born in 1980 had my mom gotten pregnant that year. Still- it would not make matters any better as it would have been better being born in 1979 because the majority of kids who were the class of 1999 and 2000 were crap in many schools I knew of!

My Nana forbade my mom to have anymore kids after I was born- Exactly when that happened! She didn’t want to take care of more than one kid or babysit more than that! Also-if I was a girl my name would have been Angela Marie!

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