My Life In Pictures

I was born in on August 16, 1982 in Lawrence, Mass at Lawrence General Hospital at 6:52am on a Monday. An only child to an all Catholic, all Italian family, to parents Rosemary and Gaetano Sinacori.

Until I was 2, I wasn’t that big of a kid. I didn’t eat that much.

When I was 3 in 1985, I think that’s the year I started putting on weight.

At four in 1986 I continued to gain weight. I watched mostly PBS at this time and shows such as Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’s Neighborhood. I also loved re-runs of earlier 1980s shows such as Three’s Company, Benson, and Gimme A Break! on WLVI 56. I also loved watching morning game shows such as The Price is Right, Wheel Of Fortune, Classic Concentration and Scrabble.

When I was 5 in 1988, my Dad bought our first home movie camera. I also started school that fall at the John R. Rollins School in 1987. My teacher was Ms. Fusco.

When I was 6 in 1988–1989, I learned to read! My first grade teacher was Mrs. Castiglione “Mrs. C.” I developed feelings strongly for my friend Christina in school, whom I chased until the end of 4th grade.

When I was 7 in 1989, I was best friends with a girl named Stefanie who lived across the street from me. She had lived there since 1985 or so, but we never hung out really until 1989. My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Farrell. I loved watching the new Disney Afternoon with shows such as The Gummi Bear and Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers on WSBK, Fun House on FOX and reruns of Punky Brewster on WSBK.

When I was 8, I won 2nd place in the Math Bee in 3rd grade in 1991. I was also best friends in the neighborhood with my neighbor’s dog, Princess, a German Shepherd. My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Nadeau.

When I was 9, I cried when Princess the dog died after her owners moved to Andover and she was run over by a car. The Rollins School celebrated its 100th birthday in April of 1992and shortly before that our principal, Mrs. Kennedy passed away, to be replaced by Mrs. Sullivan. I also had perfect attendance for the year in 4th grade! Because Full House was now on Tuesdays in season 5, my Dad recorded most episodes for me first run. By the end of 4th grade, my bedtime, which was always a pathetic 7:30, was changed to 10:00pm. My teacher in 4th grade was Mrs. Salvo. I also go into Beverly Hills 90210 at this time and reruns of Square One TV on PBS, along with new shows Barney And Friends, Lamb Chops Play-Along, and Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

When I was 10, it was my last year in the Rollins. My teacher in 5th grade was Mrs. Krawiec. I was awarded Student of the Month that June of 1993 before I left the school. I found a love for Melrose Place when I decided to watch it one night in the spring of 1993 and was hooked! I also loved performing and at the end of the year took center stage for the last performance in the Rollins School for “Shades” by Hank Beebe.

11 was a very painful year for me. I started school behind my house at Holy Trinity School, where several of the guys would harass me daily for me being who I was…different. Mrs. Fillipon was my 6th grade teacher. She hated the fact I stayed up passed 9pm, but I wasn’t a straight A student, even when my Dad forced me to bed at 7:30 still when I was in 4th grade and subjects got tougher. That December, I played Santa Claus in our class Christmas performance play. In July of 1994, my best friend Stefanie moved away. It was around this time I decided that someday I wanted to move to Los Angeles and work in TV and Film as a Screenwriter and Actor.

When I was 12, I started out hating 7th grade completely. My teacher was Mrs. Autieri and she was the hardest grade school teacher I ever had. I felt like a failure. My best friend had moved away. Nothing was going right, then I got Student Of The Month for March of 1995, placed 3rd in the Science Fair on Cigarettes and made honors for my final quarter. I also started hanging out with my friend from there at times outside of school,which would span a 14 year friendship that ended in 2007.

In 8th grade, I feel it was one wasted year. My teacher was Mrs. Kurto. I was very TV crazy that year, recording all Aaron Spelling soaps. I was harassed openly by this one guy, my teacher kept me off the honor roll for lowest honors every quarter in favor of the same 5 students who kept getting handed the A’s because a few had to with the little to no work they did or all talk, and I won every award that year, including Student Of The Month for November, top speller for November and April, top speller of the year, the school essay contest winner from my class, and 2nd place on Land Biomes in the Science fair. In June of 1996, I graduated and left Holy Trinity School.

When I was 14 in 1996–1997, I entered Central Catholic High School. It was far worse than what I went through at Holy Trinity. Mr. Jowett was the worst Science teacher I will ever know. After I completed summer school, with the highest grade out of a small bunch of students in the class, both my Mom’s father and then my Dad’s father (my grandfathers) died two day apart.

At 15, I had my confirmation that May of 1998 and my Godfather was Valentino, a good friend of my Dad’s he knew since he moved to America in 1970. I had also started working at McDonald’s January 1 of 1998 and was trained by my now best friend Theresa!

16 was the worst year of my high school life. Completely. Bullies in Central almost got me expelled for something I would have never done, I was unjustly graded a few times as well. At the end of May, I had passed my drivers test and got my license! Also, Melrose Place, which I loved since I was 10, came to an end in May of 1999!

When I was 17 things got a little bit closing for me all around between 1999 and 2000. Grades still came hard for me my senior year, but I won the Academic Olympics Gold Medal finally in Social Sciences, a different category I submitted to aside from Science, I was promoted to a Crew Chief at McDonald’s, went to the senior prom with my friend Theresa, Was an Ishmaelite in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and I graduated that May. My goal was to go to Merrimack College but I had low grades in CCHS so I had to get nothing below a C+ in all 8 of my classes at Northern Essex the next fall.

At age 18 in 2000–2001, things kept closing up nicely for me. I got no grades below a B- at Northern Essex, and I was promoted again at McDonald’s to a shift manager in September of 2000. By January, when I was transferred to another store, I stayed another 2 months before I left the job completely as I was ready to take on my studies full time no matter what 4 year college I would be going to. In 2001 I was accepted into Wentworth, Becker College, Salem State and Merrimack College, choosing Merrimack College as my top choice. In November of 2000, I finally influenced my Dad to look at houses which my Mom was against. He always told me that in 2000 or after that we would move to a 1 family once I was done with high school. That November, my parents put an offer on a house in Methuen, and after a few months of the owners being hesitant with moving because they were close to 80, they finally decided it was for the best and decided to sell to my parents. Throughout March of 2001, we moved slowly moved our last stuff to the Methuen house and on the night I had my last shift ever at McDonald’s on March 31, 2001, that’s when we were fully moved in, beds and all.

At 19, I started my Freshman year at Merrimack College. I also had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out that December and an impacted molar! My favorite professor my first year was Professor Keohan who taught Major British Authors and Politics in Literature and I took him my first two semesters when I was a Freshman, he was the longest running professor there since the college opened. In summer of 2002 I had my tonsils and uvula taken out in my mouth and I believe, my adnoids, to help me with my sleep apnea, it didn’t work.

At 20, I was a Sophomore at Merrimack College and I chose to major in English, which is what grad schools for screenwriting liked, students with English Majors, and plus I loved to read and write! Another favorite Professor of English at Merrimack, aside from Professor Keohan was Professor Plasse and also, Professor Mary Kay Mahoney, who taught creative writing. I also decided to concentrate in Middle School education, but when I failed the MTEL, I decided that I would drop the concentration after one last class that fall. I did my pre-practicum by observing students at the new Parthum School, where all my teachers from the Rollins School went to after the Rollins became just a pre-school and Kindergarten in 1999. They were all happy to see me and happy I had gone to college.

At 21, in the summer of 2003, now at circa 300 pounds, I got hypnotized to lose weight. I also started writing my screenplays I wanted to enter as samples for any grad schools I was applying to in the fall of 2004 for screenwriting. My favorite Professors that I took both fall and Spring semesters were Professor Sills, Mahoney and Scherwatzky. Usually, when there was a Professor that made class fun, I always took them more than once. That fall of 2003, my Dad’s Mom passed away, and that December of 2003, my Mom’s Mom passed away. By that time, all my grandparents had passed. I also made the Dean’s list my last 2 full semesters at Merrimack College during my Junior year. That December, I finished up my Pre-practicum at the Parthum and dropped my Middle School education concentration. Yes, I wanted to be a teacher, but I wasn’t a straight A student or all B or above student in all my schooling, heck, I had C’s, and let’s not even count CCHS because the grades I got there made NO SENSE to the rest of my schooling (minus the first quarter of 7th grade which was very bad). In my honest opinion, legit teachers should not get anything, and I repeat anything below an A- in all of their schooling which they plan on teaching in. No, I’m not just talking average, I’m talking no grade below an A-. A lot of people who want to be teachers stretch the fact that they had mostly A’s but fail to bring up their lower grades because their end average was always a 3.5 or above. That means nothing. That means they slacked if they had grades below A/A- in schools where A/A- were the lowest of “A” awarded. So I decided to drop my concentration overall at that time.

In summer of 2004, I had dropped from 300 pounds the year before down to 150 pounds. A total of 150 pound came off by the time I turned 22 in 2004. That fall I applied to grad schools. By the fall of 2004, my Senior and last year at Merrimack College, I applied to 7 grad schools, including UCLA, USC, Chapman, Loyola, Columbia, Boston University and Emmerson, only UCLA interviewed me out of 50 candidates and out of the 25 they selected I was not one of them. According to the norm, I’m dumb, not worthy of being a screenwriter/actor/et. I wasn’t told that at the interview. The 50 who made it were the best of the best. That spring I was in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and then that May I graduated from Merriamack, applied to the 1 year Certificate Program at UCLA for on campus admission, and was accepted. That summer I packed to move to LA. When I graduated Merrimack, my GPA, which started around a 2.6 (highest C+) slowly kept going up the next 4 years and by the time I graduated, overall it was a low 3.0 (lowest B) average. At Merrimack, my lowest grade was a single C-, 3 C’s, and 4 C+’s (which were borderline close to B-s). The rest of my grades were all B- and above which was the lowest I wanted my grades to be in college.

That fall of 2005, at the age of 23, I moved to Los Angeles, CA! I attended UCLA that one year, went to see The Price Is Right 6 times but never got called down, and left UCLA that June of 2006. I was taught by TV writers Paul Chitlik (Small Wonder, Amen, Perfect Strangers) and Fred Rubin (Diff’rent Strokes, Mama’s Family, Webster, Step By Step, Family Matters). I felt I had enough education at that point and realized whether it was a certificate or a degree, it’s all a gamble. Everyone who got their MFA (the few who did) after the Professional Program, none have become big screenwriters. None have sold anything. In fact, one girl, in my class, she sold a screenplay with just the certificate itself. Proving you don’t need an MFA to work in TV or Film or sell a screenplay!

I turned 24 in 2006, and that fall I had submitted to be a Page at CBS TVC in Hollywood. I got the job in late fall. All throughout 2007 I worked at CBS, and I was very devoted to The Price Is Right, where I worked a lot of episodes during Bob Barker’s final season. being devoted to the show, I also go to rehearse with the hosts who tried out before test shows were filmed such as Mario Lopez and George Hamilton. Every time I worked the show I’d get the audience to cheer. I got to work Bob Barker’s final Million Dollar Special, his 50 years in TV Special and his final taped show as well! Aside from The Price Is Right, I also worked over a dozen shows on the lot, including American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, The Tyra Banks Show, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Don’t Forget The Lyrics, and So You Think You Can Dance.

I turned 25 in 2007. That year was big for me in so many ways. It was the year I would meet the two big love interests that I had in my early years in LA! That fall I did a little extra work on a few shows where I became smitten with one older lady I met while I worked on Grey’s Anatomy. We never saw each other on set again but remained friends online. I also did some free PA work on indie shorts and was cast in a few. On March 31, 2008, I was hit by a car crossing Jefferson and Cimaron Ave. in Los Angeles. I had gotten a job at an office in Hollywood and fell for one of my co-workers in early spring of 2008 who would eye me out every day in the breakroom. We went out that whole summer and into fall of 2008. Ironically, she’s the niece of practically Walt Disney’s best discovery in the 1950s. And, no, not Hayley Mills…the other one of Walt’s favorite female stars!

By the fall of 2008, I was now 26 years old, and had been stood up so many times by this girl I loved very much. I was also STILL A VIRGIN WHO NEVER KISSED A GIRL BECAUSE MOST GIRLS ARE SNOBBISH STUCK UP PIGS! She told me just how she lived her life, and I parted ways with her, only to have her ask for me again when she was sad. On the night of December 4th, 2008, at the age of 26, yes, pathetic as it may be to so many people, I had my first french kiss EVER! With a celeb’s niece! A Disney celeb’s niece. The niece of a celeb I found to be amazing when I watched her on videos my parents would get for me as a kid because we were a family big on Disney! In early 2009, I saw her a few more times, having more “first experiences” with her, only to release her from my life and stopped chasing after her as I knew her values were not to be commended. That Spring I was needed on Glee in a Scene with Matthew Morrison in the teacher’s breakroom.

In summer of 2009, I turned 27. I had gotten back into doing extra work at this time. None of the shows I worked that fall or early spring 2010 I was featured in, just Glee, which I worked on several months earlier.

In summer of 2010 I turned 28. I had been featured on The Defenders and Men Of A Certain Age that fall of 2010 in a scene with Brian J. White and Patrick Gallagher, and in the Spring of 2011, was featured on Grey’s Anatomy.

In summer of 2011 I had turned 29. John Barrymore, Drew Barrymore’s brother decided to direct my first short film Womanizer which took 3 years to put together because of horrible editors who wouldn’t do their part. I also got pneumonia that week. In fall of 2011, I became a regular Hospital Staffer on Grey’s Anatomy getting featured that fall again in a scene with Sarah Drew and Sandra Oh. Into 2012, I worked steadily on there and also was featured on two episodes of Don’t Trust The B- In Apartment 23 and one episode of Desperate Housewives in a scene with Eva Longoria before joining SAG-AFTRA.

On August 16, 2012, I turned 30. A few months prior to this, I had re-connected with that older lady I met at Grey’s Anatomy. We went hiking all summer, I met her dog, and we fell in love. I dated her steadily throughout 2012. I also took a job at a new restaurant called Pieology in spring of 2013.

In 2013, I was working a lot at Pieology. I had turned 31. I had worked a few times on Grey’s Anatomy that year but not as much as when I was non-union. By spring of 2014, I let go of my ex girlfriend who I thought had been my girlfriend the past 2 years.

In August of 2014 I had turned 32, and that summer I got back into working with processing audiences all over the studios in Los Angeles. I worked on the sets of Mike & Molly, Mom and 2 Broke Girls, all at Warner Bros. mostly, when I got back into doing that.

In August of 2015 I had turned 33. I had taken another side job at Dunkin’ Donuts when it migrated out west. Now juggling three jobs, I was in for a surprise when I got to work the Pilot of the new Fuller House! Remembering my days as a CBS page and how I always got the audience to have fun out in line, I did my own thing with Fuller House’s audience and it worked well with me doing trivia from the original series.

In August of 2016 I turned 34! By this time I had released myself from both Pieology and Dunkin’ Donuts as they were only jobs I took for a short time. Working at the studios more and more I got to work on some of the last tapings of Disney’s Girl Meets World for their 3rd and last season on the Disney Channel. There, I did my own thing with trivia as well, which also worked quite well with the audience as it did with the audience of Fuller House. By early 2017 I had worked on many sitcoms and series’ processing and at some times, entertaining the audiences out in line with TV trivia, including Mike & Molly, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, The Ranch, Fuller House, Girl Meets World, Dr. Ken, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Your Family Or Mine?, Crowded, The McCarthy’s, Undateable, I Didn’t Do It, Clipped, Disjointed, and Two And A Half Men.

In August of 2017 I turned 35. Presently, I continue to work on many sitcoms and shows all around Los Angeles, greeting, processing, and entertaining audiences out in line at TV tapings while also working in other areas outside of entertainment.
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