Why I Like Posting Family Movies And Past Photos From Childhood


I don’t understand why people and the norm find all my posts creepy — whether it’s posting a selfie or a photo from recent days or photos from my past or home movies from my past!


I remember how I acted as a kid and the funniest moments that really do make people laugh! Hey — I showed them in high school during study hall and all the class was cracking up with how my Dad and I played off one another when I was age 5! You should have heard the laughs! Oh-wait — they were laughing at me not with me! Do I even care! I like making people laugh!

Here is a short collection of family movies of Mark Sinacori when he was ages 5–10-These were the best years of family movies from 1988–1993 because he was always doing something sneaky or his own choice and then his dad would usually end up getting upset and yelling at him! Once Mark left elementary school that cute or sneaky factor started fading away in family movies!
Because one volume just wasn’t enough! Here are the rest of the funniest moments from Mark Sinacori’s family movies from ages 5–10! Again- there’s a lot of humor between him and his Dad with him being sneaky at times or doing something to pester him and Mark’s Dad snapping a fit at the end to most likely cause the camera to shut off!
A collection of Mark in middle school- high school- and most of college! Mark didn’t take as many family movies during this time period (maybe 6–8 per year and most were with his cat Roy during his high school years- Here you c an see there’s still some sneakiness in Mark’s middle school years but during his high school and college years things calmed down a lot and it was mostly funny insults back and forth between him and his dad!
The BULK of Mark’s home movies during high school were with his cat Roy! They were more memorable than any of the movies he took alone where it was always back and forth funny insults between his Dad and him!

I post to remember things— How my parents and grandparents and friends looked and sounded! How my cat Roy looked and acted as a little kitten! It’s like travelling back! When people pass away or move away and you never see them again you can go back and re-live those moments! Like those I have with my grandparents — although they always ended up fighting and that’s how they usually were when they were alive and well!

A collection of Mark Sinacori’s grandparents on his Mom’s side- all they did was fight!
A collection of Mark and his best friend Stefanie from 1991–1993!
Mark’s prom in 2000 with his best friend Theresa! This is practically the only video she’s in during all the home movies Mark’s Dad took with the old family camera!

I post to remember special times in my life that others shared with me such as assemblies in school! My graduations for instance!

Rollins School 5th graders is Mrs Krawiec’s class sing “Wearing My Shades” in April 1993- Mark is center stage in his Troll’s gym shirt! Flea market brand of course! :P
Holy Trinity School class of 1996 graduation Lawrence Mass June 14 1996
Central Catholic High School Graduation May 26 2000 Lawrence Mass
Mark and several of his childhood friends in his Lawrence Mass neighborhood in the early to mid 1990s!

A lot of people post the same way I do — and I see comments they get- They don’t get thrown down for posting past stuff or videos! They always get “Wow! I love these! More! Brings back so many good times!” but when I do it it’s “boring” or weird or creepy according to the norm — then why even look or watch! Well- wait- I was a loner mostly — I just hung out with my dad — No wonder people find that stuff boring! Well then if you find my stuff boring then that’s fine- I post for the MEMORIES! And to share those memories with those who want to remember them!

I also post to recall the very cheap clothing I had as a kid — that my parents waited until I outgrew until they bought me a new several shirts which had to last into all of middle school and were all from a neighbor’s fleamarket left over sale! For example- all the striped colored shirts I had to wear from 2nd grade until the end of 5th! It was like Mister Rogers every summer! What type of several year old striped shirt will Mark wear today!

Summer of 1992 including Mark’s 10th birthday!
Summer of 1991 including Mark’s 9th birthday!
Summer of 1990 including Mark’s 8th birthday!
Summer of 1989 including Mark’s 7th birthday!
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