Writing From Life Experience

Mark Sinacori’s Wilmot Street neighborhood in Lawrence, Mass in 1998, a perfect picture setting for any opening credit shot of a street-based drama, dramedy or comedy. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Wilmot Street was always up kept during a troubling time in the city. No, it didn’t see many gangs, fires, or larcenies as the city had, but the neighbors most likely broke every commandment, be they kids or adults. Like a good TV drama, what Mark Sinacori lived on his block in that time period would be just a smidgen of good writing, combined with over-the-top stories that never happened. Yes, writers write what they know or draw their experiences from what they lived, be it in the present or the past.

People corner me and say I have no life experiences. Oh, well, what about Marc Cherry? I remember his speech when he won for Desperate Housewives before I moved to Los Angeles. He said “I wasn’t a sports player. Movies and TV were my sports as a kid,” or something along those lines. He stayed in and watched them and learned how to create from that.

Just because I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or hang out with felons, I’m still in the know. I know people who do all that stuff. I’ve even tried to get people not to do it.

So what life experiences have I had? Let’s just say my whole life has been a drama and uphill battle I’ve fought, filled with comedy by me, my Dad, my Mom, all my bullies, friends, foes, et. I remember everything because I, how do you want to say it, “Have no life.” I don’t do anything that would mess up my mind. People say I’m crazy, but I’ve never once taken drugs or drank so much or smoked anything to hurt myself. That accounts for my memory which goes back to age four.

So what have I lived through? Let’s see? I was made fun of in all my schooling, unjustly graded by teachers, I was shamed, I was targeted, humiliated and remember all the jokes, all the bashing. I was also targeted and attacked and stalked online, I’ve had run-ins with the law back in Lawrence and Methuen where they were dumb schmucks who would lie to me and focus on reprimanding the good kids and not the bad ones, I, along with all my neighbors, be they mothers, fathers, grandparents or kids, most likely broke every commandment back in the days, my co-workers at McDonald’s were mucho loco and cuckoo, including myself at times,plus all the drama I had to deal with after I moved to LA with stuff I’ve fought at and also friendships I had to let go of and few that still are going strong after many years…need I say more?

Yes, I have a lot of life experience so it can help me even more as a writer when I create nighttime dramas or sitcoms.

My writing is pretty fresh, it’s based on new ideas, but if I had to create stuff from my past, I know areas and places I could use for assistance.

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