You Don’t Need Film School To Work In TV Or Film

One of the buildings at the UCLA School Of Film, Theater And Television

Look at the people who went to film school for undergrad or grad school, studying screenwriting, producing and directing…I know about a dozen. A lot of them haven’t even gotten more than indie free work. They write and make their own films or they help out on others.

Now, someone who doesn’t go to film school or doesn’t have a background, they can get lucky. How? By connection.

If you know someone, that’s the best way to get work in TV/Film…and paid work, not just free assisting either.

Believe me, I’ve seen it happen. Just the mere “I want to work this or that,” will be enough. I’ve seen people whine their way in who had no film classes whatsoever, no grad school, nothing.

You may think “That’s impossible, that’s just delusional people think that will happen if they said that to connects.” Actually, no, I’ve tried it and it has never worked for me. Problem is I’ve never whined about it. I don’t feel comfortable earning my way into any job by doing that, whether whining, bribing, schmoozing, whatever. A lot of people who know me know what I’m talking about. It just doesn’t happen that easy. One can’t just go to people and say “I want to work this/that,” and get handed the job. But I’ve actually seen it happen many a time with people who’ve had no film classes whatsoever. No grad school. No nothing. Just their mouth.

People have accused me of having a bad education, very low, that it won’t matter, and I have no education in entertainment. Hmmm…let’s see, I have an English BA, I have many classes in undergrad in creative writing of some sort or acting, I went to private school at Holy Trinity, Central and Merrimack, I came very close to getting into the MFA at UCLA for screenwriting back in 2005, and when I didn’t get in I did take the chance and moved to LA when I got into the 1 year certificate program. All that education alone is at least a good hundred grand in tuition,more had I gotten into any MFA program whether at UCLA or any other school. I have CBS on my resume and being a CBS Page is highly selective, even more than the MFA in Screenwriting, a good dozen shows I worked there back in 2007, I also have, as an actor and in production, several indie films and also featured parts, and of course, all the dozen plus sitcoms I’ve paged at since 2014. Plus,Quixote PA boot camp. But all of that won’t matter unless I had a legit connect to help me get that first PA job. And even then, with me, it would just be “Could you pass my resume on?” I would never whine or bribe my way in, I’d want it fair and in the right way. Looking back, I’ve always been that way as a person.

So, no, you don’t need film school. You don’t even need college. Just look at those actors who got lucky and got to become screenwriters, directors, producers, et. They didn’t go a day to college in their life! Some were even college drop outs. High school drop outs! Some didn’t even study TV or Film. It is, in the end, all about connects.

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