What should we do if the president is a liar?
Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders I agree 100%. I have listened for years as experts and pundits represent opinions as facts and dance around calling blatant lies what they are. Knowing that a something is false (intention) is offered by some “traditionalists” at the NYT and elsewhere. But a very deluded liar, who may have convinved himself he is correct is still lying, especially when confronted by facts again and again.

Trump’s racially motivated attack on President Obama (Yes, it was….), followed by his sexist attacks on Secretary Clinton show his true colors. His belittling of each primary opponent, planned strategically to take them out one by one — in my view the press failed over and over to confront him. They could have simply asked, for example, when he used “Liein’ Hillary” why he called her that? The next question, what would you call yourself Mr. Trump, given fact1, fact2….The last question, why should Americans trust you, because you’re wealthy? Give America some honest answers, how about the date you’ll release your tax returns?

Of course, with Trump’s propensity to enforce his will and control the reporters would have to work together and simply ignore the distraction and derailing attempts.

Look at every cabinet appointment, the attack on Muslims and halt to refugees in violation of our own laws and UN charter the US was keen to influence and did.

At least Ms. Merkel’s attempt to point him to the Geneva Accords, all but one, I believe, formally adopted by the US having the force of law.

I would guess 90% of adults in America do not trust people that have lied to them. It’s time we called lies by their direct and honest name, and ask, what is the source of that information? As the President so accurately demonstrated during his press conference, when you “don’t know” and “someone just gave them (the numbers being cited as a triumph) to me” liers need to be asked to prove and allowed to demonstrate their dishonestly.

Trump apparently learned alot from his attorney and buddy Roy Cohn. Anyone that honestly wants to understand how bullying and lying watch any solid documentary about Joseph McCarthy and take a good look at the man whispering frequently in his ear.

No, Mr. Trump and unfortunately many elected Republicans (and some others) have no sense of decency.