My Uniform Made Me Sick. Could The Same Thing Happen To a Hockey Star?
Heather Poole

Hi, I’ve just been skimming some of your stuff. I don’t know if you’ve tried any natural medicines, but a few billion people swear by them, including me.

I’m not saying they will fix the cause, necessarily. You definitely need hypoallergenic uniforms, but, they will help with the symptoms and they will help repair damage that’s been done.

I’m not an expert, but it’s easy to bone up, and there are great books on amazon for such things.

A few suggestions to check out at the health food stores: Detox teas, Braggs organic apple cider vinegar that you mix with honey and water for a tonic (look up ratio online) and buy regionally grown honey because some honey brands are not 100% honey and are just junk, thyroid medicines (many kinds), accupressure (buy a book on this) and if you can afford it, start visiting a naturopathic doctor who also does accupuncture. Also, believe it or not, meditation helps with everything.

If you have plenty of money you can also look into RIFE machines. The FDA forces sellers to market them as ‘entertainment devices’, but a bona fide doctor named Royal Raymond Rife back in, the 30’s I think, figured virtually all disease can be cured by using electrical resonant frequency stimulus.

He built a machine for it and began recording the resonant frequencies of various diseases. It was so successful, that Big Medicine did everything they could to suppress it and destroy him, but you can buy them today as “toys”, for around $1500 or so. I have no idea if they would help in your situation, but it’s something to add to the list anyway.

In addition to treating the effects, natural medicines can boost your overall health which enables the body to routinely fight toxins easier.

I’ve been using supplements for a long time, but I’m kind of stubborn and lazy about taking them on schedule. Last year, I ended up with a massive full body rash that got so bad I couldn’t even sleep. I would wake up constantly to scratch furiously, and I couldn’t get anything done either. I would just sit in my chair and scratch and groan. I also quit my job over it.

It got so bad, that I started thinking to myself, “If this gets much worse, I will have to kill myself to escape the misery”. It was a deeper kind of itch that can’t be soothed with surface scratching, and I would use dry cloths and heavily rub my skin very hard, which also left me with bruising. It was exhausting.

Anyway, I don’t normally go to doctors, but I was desperate, so I went to a quick clinic, and they were amazed at how bad it was. They put me on 2 OTC’s and one script, and this began working well right away. I used those for about 5 weeks.

At the same time, though, I saw a religious channel that was talking about the amazing benefits of milk thistle and how it repairs the liver. I recalled that one of the effects of a malfunctioning liver are skin ailments, so I bought a huge bottle of it and started taking large doses.

I have great trouble swallowing pills (it’s a PTSD issue from my childhood…accidentally swallowed a whole butterscotch at age 5), so I open the pills and dump it in lemonade or juice. It tastes awful if you don’t hold your nose.

But I believe the milk thistle helped as well, and I was able to confirm that two more times later on, when the rash began to return. Instead of using the drugs, I just used the milk thistle and the rash retreated pretty quick.

Anyway, nature has made countless thousands of medicines for us. Unfortunately, not only do doctors know little to nothing about it (except for naturopaths), because they are not taught it in school, but it’s actually illegal to really discus it. The almighty FDA in this country has done everything it can to suppress natural medicine, including jail time for doctors who talk about it or recommend it.

There’s just not as much money in natural medicine from ground up plants as there is from drugs. But fortunately we are still free to seek out natural cures and discuss them.

I hope you get justice from the airline. They clearly should have tested the uniforms better and also just made them hypoallergenic. No company should have a legal right to make their employees sick. I also hope everyone is able to get compensation for pain and suffering and also have any sick days used restored.

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