All About Visa Needed For A Foreign Student Going To Thailand

Attending TESOL course in Thailand allows students to enjoy the non-immigrant visa ED or visa education, a one-year visa that can be renewed up to three times. It is valid for people on unpaid internships, in exchange for school or in school in an international school and costs 60 Euros. The information is on the embassy’s website. This type of visa does not allow you to work and gives you the right to stay in Thailand for a stay of 90 days when you apply for a visa at the Embassy of Thailand in France. The student visa multiple entries are only issued by the Immigration Service in Thailand and only allow the applicant to stay up to 90 days for each entry. If the applicant wishes not to leave every 90 days, then it is necessary to have the visa validated by the immigration department, for which additional costs are then to be expected. DO not worry, the procedures may seem bulky but it is mostly paperwork. Just follow the guidelines properly and you will get on your way to an amazing experience for your TESOL course in Thailand.

The documents to be supplied include the following:

1. The original passport (passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure)
2. A completed form
3. A colour photo ID
4. A photocopy of the passport
5. An original letter of acceptance from a school or university in Thailand or a letter from a company in Thailand that receives the student for an internship
6. In the case of an internship in a company, the full statutes of the company must be presented when applying for a visa
7. Original letter from an institution in France indicating the details of the student’s internship