Some Tips For Working English Outside TEFL Classroom

There are a lot of TEFL jobs in Thailand for foreigners. This is the chance for you to visit this gorgeous country while earning your living but you need to know how to keep your Thai students interested while giving out your TEFL course. Here are some tips you can share with your students:

· Watch movies or series in English (subtitled in English)

· Play video games in English

· Read the newspaper in English

· Learn the lyrics of songs in English

· Exchange with English speaking friends

If you live in a big Thai city like Bangkok, you can get the last block-buster in original version with English subtitles in many places, such as the stalls of the small street markets, on Sukhumvit, not far from the station BTS Nana for example, or in the Ghent market of Chatuchak. If you want to go to the cinema, there’s the SF Cinema City MBK at the MBK shopping centre, BTS National Stadium, but you can see a movie on the big screen in many other places. Do not forget to get up during the national anthem that is played before each session!

Going to Thailand is possible even without speaking the local language, having a basis in English that you will be able to work once on the spot without any problem. It is also important to go out and meet the local people to communicate and discover Thai culture, with its peculiarities and its codes so different from the English mentality and culture. Respect for cultures remains a crucial point in Thailand in order to access the treasures of the Country of Smiles.