Speaking English In 120 Hours, Is It Really Possible?

You dream, like many non-English speakers, of fluent English and no accent. Is it possible to learn English in just six months? Some people claim it is not possible for a 120 hour TEFL certificate to achieve so much since it seems such a short time and spreading it over six months it seems unachievable. But the reality is very different. There are institutions which have the solution to help you acquire the business English skills you want. The solution is simple: you have to be motivated, have rigor and follow their training with a trained English teacher whose mother tongue is English. They can offer you the possibility of a complete training, upstream and downstream: an advanced and innovative method, they have experienced teachers of more than 15 years and English-speaking trainers who are pedagogues, professionals and true coaches. Let’s take a closer look at what training centres will offer you.

• Learn English quickly and efficiently. They put all their professionalism at your service: you are supervised during all their training of English by their team and a personal coach to monitor your progress and to help you in case of difficulty. 
• Before starting your training, their teaching staffs evaluate your starting level and your professional needs in the target language. They help you to set the objectives and propose the best format of 120 hour TEFL certificate course in order to achieve the objectives. 
• Your training starts from your first class; your trainer will be aware of your level, your needs and objectives before the training begins. 
• Such a quick and effective start-up ensures immediate results, reinforces your motivation and encourages you to reach your goal of speaking English in six months.

The format 120 hour of TEFL certificate course has also many advantages. Let’s list them:

• Increased confidence in your ability to communicate in English
• Greater ease in face-to-face business relationships
• Better communication and professional approach with your customers
• Ease and trust in English to effectively represent your company / organization at an international level
• Better communication with your colleagues or clients abroad
• A consolidation of your written and oral comprehension skills
• Focus and clearer pronunciation

The 120 hour TEFL certificate courses are designed for:

• All those wishing to progress rapidly in English
• All employees who are preparing to evolve in an English-speaking environment
• All professionals wishing to work specific points or quickly acquire specialized vocabulary