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In the Spotlight: Business District!

Last, but not least, today we’d like to tell you about the fourth District within our platform: Business. Many companies market their services online. Sometimes these companies don’t even have offices. VR technology allows any reputable company to virtualize its office and allow it to be visited by potential customers. If you are looking for a lawyer or trying to choose a movie production studio, thinking about hiring an IT outsourcing firm or considering visiting a plastic surgery clinic — having an opportunity to first visit its virtual premises would only help in making a correct decision.

Imagine each company that recently managed a successful ICO having its own virtual office that any investor could visit. As you walk down the hall you see offices of Lisk, AEthernity, Tezos, Civic, Waves, EOS, and the like. ICO promotional agencies could purchase an office right next to the Ethereum foundation. Copywriters could purchase an office right next door. With the MARK platform it’s it’s going to simply take a 360° camera and a few hours of work to make it possible.

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SONM virtual office. MARK.SPACE
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