May 6 · 1 min read

We decided that today should not only be productive, but also bring along good news. In this regard, today we’ll tell you about a new platform feature — screen synchronization! The new feature allows to display everything that the user sees in the cardboard (into which a smartphone is placed) on a second screen. This means that the platform already allows to easily start using virtual reality for educational and auxiliary purposes: for example, during exhibitions, presentations, or just because. To enable this feature, you must simultaneously log into the same MARK.SPACE account on your smartphone and PC. Attention: for the screen synchronization feature to operate correctly, you cannot log into your account simultaneously from two computers and two smartphones (that is, from four different devices). Only two sessions are allowed — one PC and one smartphone. If the image is shaky, you should rotate your smartphone 180 degrees. The latter is a feature of some smartphones (not the MARK.SPACE platform), due to the built-in spatial orientation modules, also known as digital gyroscopes.

Wishing you a wonderful day, Team MARK.SPACE

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