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Thank you for your response. It brought back some memories. I once described myself as overweight and hairy except the top of my head.

I once worked with a woman I described as “plain as paste”. Short and pear-shaped with a tangle of red hair and ‘bad’ skin. But that was before I knew her. Over time I noticed her crooked smile and her direct and fearless gaze. And how her eyes would twinkle when she knew I was full of B.S. After a while she became very attractive to me even though her physical appearance did not change.

You wrote:

“I couldn’t come up with a ranking for him — because even “ten” seems too reductive. He has given me more feelings of beauty than any other man I’ve ever known. I never get bored with looking at him, or looking at pictures of him.”

Have you ever wondered why he wound up with a “gorilla”? Maybe he saw something you didn’t see when you looked in the mirror? Maybe he saw the beauty on the inside?

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