Classic Movie Dialog You Might Have Missed

All images Public Domain.

Sometimes the dialog in a movie is spoken so fast that you miss some of it.

Or the action scenes are so intense they make it hard to hear what the actors are saying.

Or you are so focused on getting the last bits of popcorn that you zone out and don’t hear a line.

I am here to help. Here are some bits of dialog from famous movies you might have missed.

“The old sailors say if you listen closely you can hear a repeating two-note crescendo right before a great white shark attacks.” — Jaws

“Neck bolt attract electricity. Hair burn. Oww.” — Frankenstein

“Time to wrap this thing up.” — The Mummy

“Eat churros, he did. Smart, he was.” — Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

“I may not be able to handle to the truth, but I know how to cut footloose!” — A Few Good Men

“Yeah, but I still did more than you ever did.” — Doctor Dolittle

“If you want me to play it again, it’s gonna cost you five bucks.” — Casablanca

“I’ll take curtain number three, Toto.” — The Wizard Of Oz

“Being an archaeologist is a lonely, thankless profession. Sometimes I feel like a complete unknown. Like a rolling stone.” — Raiders Of The Lost Ark

“Five hundred bunches of bananas. Stat!” — King Kong

[“I’ll be back”] “Take your time.” — The Terminator

“Stop monkeying around and kiss me.” — Planet Of The Apes

“When is this town gonna get a decent barber?” — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

“I hate stretch marks.” — The Incredibles

“Quit hitting me.” — Rocky

“The second Mission Impossible movie sucked. Yeah, MI2 sucks.” — Rain Man

Stick around. There is bound to be a “not as good as the first one” sequel.