Say What You Will
Dominique Matti

almost 40% of people in america today are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants. That includes Hispanic, Black, White, Asian.. you name it. Trying to tie a legacy to a race is about as real as putting a smile on a pig. You will see into it only what you want. You assign blame or privilege to a family immigrating from Romania. Sure, they are white..but they have had less influence on racism..for good or bad..than you have. Same with an Indian or middle eastern family trying to make a home here. They might be considered white to you, but certainly don’t receive their “white privilege” card in the mail..

most white people are killed by other white people. Most black people are killed by other black people. Instead of looking at a magical racism fix, it would be nice to see some ideas on how to end violent crime period, and give everyone’s lives a boost in the process.

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