White Supremacy is White America’s Legacy and Our Responsibility to Defeat
Jack Daly

While you certainly look like you enjoy white privilege, there are many people that do not. It’s really easy to put things into nice ethnic boundaries and declare “this one has privilege” and “this one does not”. Did you realize that more than a third of Americans (white, black, asian, hispanic, etc) have no family ties to the civil war or slavery? In New York, a quarter of black Americans are 1st or second generation and have not had a familial history of segregation or slavery or systematic discrimination. Some of the most poor states in the union are predominantly white.. The same folks you would make some ridiculous assumption, that they are benefiting from white privilege. I don’t call poverty level income and frequently going hungry as privileged..but it’s where your simplistic arguments tend to take things. When a good 1/2 of the people in the US make so little that they either don’t pay taxes or get a refund..that screams more to inequity of income.

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