Do you honestly think Java Sucks? Well, guess what, you are wrong.

People had been criticizing Java for years after the emergence of several new and convenient languages like PHP, Android, etc. A few years ago, many also claimed it to be much worse than Python and Ruby as it involves more line code, and more line code means chances of getting more bugs, more headaches, and more effort and if the project tends to be bigger, no one would properly understand it. However, it is a certain fact that enterprises still chose Java as their preferred language in order to develop applications. So why people think Java sucks? It is because of the ‘more line code’ fact, as they believe more line of code for the same task is automatically bad and it is more likely to develop errors, which is harder to figure out. But they overlook the fact that certain applications require millions of line codes and nothing can prevent it.

So the main question here arrives is which language makes it easier to develop an application with millions of lines of codes? With Java, it may take a lot of time, but it is flexible, portable and in many other ways, much easier than languages such as Python and Ruby. It is true that with the emergence many mainstream and latest programming languages, Java aren’t being the most discussing subjects these days, but despite this fact, organizations are still looking for Java developers to code their applications and giving them an incredible package, which is not possible with other computing languages.

Well, the main reason behind it is the margin of profit they generate by using Java instead of PHP and others.

What makes Java better than other programming languages?

  1. Java is easy to learn: This would be a surprising fact but Java surely is much easier to learn compared to its counterparts. It has fluent English like syntax with generics angle brackets, which a programmer can catch easily.
  2. Java is free: Being a source programming language and can be available for free in JDK, making it easy to get.
  3. Java is platform independent: This means Java can run on any particular computer no matter of its hardware and software configurations. Java is capable of running on any machine with essential needs.
  4. Java is secure: Unlike most of the languages, Java is quite secure and error free making it one of the most consistent languages.
  5. Java is everywhere: You can find Java on your desktop, mobile, cards, machines, anywhere. This huge availability of Java can outnumber any other programming language.

Java is better for working large line of codes, fewer lines of codes and many other types. It is faster, reliable, convenient and supports all platforms with exceptional tools like Eclipse, Netbeans, etc. So what if it requires higher number of coding than the others, if it can help you develop an error free program at a reasonable price and time.

Author is a technical writer by profession and a maven, works for, online IT training company, specializes in Online java training,Selenium training, Big data online training and many more.