How JavaScript avoids the need for a developer to learn any other back-end language?

Learning JavaScript is enough for beginners in web development as it avoids the need for developers to learn a back-end language such as Python or Ruby. This is because JavaScript itself has the ability to take care of both front-ends and back-ends. However there are benefits if you learn back-end languages such as Python, Ruby and PHP for sure, but the latest studies suggest JavaScript to be the most preferred technologies among the developers.

Before describing about the benefits of JavaScript, let’s take a close look in to the benefits of some high-level scripting languages such as Python, Ruby and PHP.


One of the biggest benefits of Python is that it consists of Django which is considered to be a pretty good web development framework for smaller as well as medium-sized projects. In addition to it, Python is also very essential when it comes to machine learning and is supported by great mathematics and science libraries that make the developers more skilled in programming.


What makes Ruby a favourite among developers is the presence of Rails which is yet another popular and efficient web development framework especially tailored for small as well as medium-sized projects. Moreover, Ruby also consists of Sinatra and Pry with the first one mentioned being a light-weight tool for creating APIs and the latter being a first-rate debugging REPL.


Most of the blogs as well as e-commerce websites are powered by WordPress which is based on PHP. Several different types of scripts are made available in PHP which can be easily pasted in to a website.

Finally let’s take a look at how JavaScript excels compared to Python, Ruby and PHP.


JavaScript has the reputation of being the only language that is capable of running in almost all the browsers and is considered to be the only full stack language. Because of its ability to allow asynchronous programming, JavaScript is quite faster compared to other scripting languages. More investment from technology majors such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft is coming up for JavaScript and the demand is constantly improving day by day.

JavaScript is also comprised of Node.js that is of use in some of the major APIs such as Netflix and embedded devices. Features such as Angular.js and React.js have a vital role in determining the future of web development, especially the future of single page applications. Most of the SDKs as well as libraries are written using JavaScript language which might have ported over to other back-end languages such as Python, Ruby and PHP at a later stage.

JavaScript is preferred as a possible replacement for SQL by MongoDB due to its flexibility and is commonly used by major databases such as MongoDB. There are several databases that have chosen to store everything in JSON. Professionals who have specialized in JavaScript can be assured of a lucrative pay package compared to professionals who have skills in any other scripting languages and frameworks. The software industry is witnessing a growing demand for JavaScript professionals and there are a lot of openings for experienced as well as beginners in JavaScript. Thanks to the advancements in technology and growing rate of job openings for JavaScript professionals since beginners can easily dream of becoming a JavaScript professional in their dream companies in the IT industry.

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Reference: How JavaScript avoids the need for a developer to learn any other back-end language?