How to become a highly optimistic Software Tester?

A software tester should be bold enough to ask a question, clarify doubts and should be able to convey their point in the best possible manner. Testers have to be good at communication, should be good at analyzing and should be a good team member. With the frequent changes happening in technology along with a rising user experience demand, there is no doubt about the need for transformation in software testing too. It has become a necessity to test the user experience without which testing could not be considered as fulfilled.

The contribution has to be more from the testers during product delivery. They should be able to consider expected as well as unexpected user requirements and should be able to analyze every possible outcome of the implementation. For doing this with success, a tester has to think from a user’s perspective.

Clarifications are more important than assumptions

If testers have any questions in mind, then they should ask it right away instead of classifying it as an important question or not. It is desirable for the testers to understand how a product is about to work and the instances wherein it will not work so that testing could be done in both ways before marking it as ‘Tested’.

Think Out of the Box

Think different. Think deeply. A software tester should have a clear understanding of the algorithms or they can even use mind maps which would help them make understand the application deeply. If you are a tester willing to create some new test ideas, then thinking and learning something new should be on your list.

Effective coordination with Software Developers

Establishing communication with software developers especially when a bug is found by a software tester would be the toughest thing for a software tester. But it is a necessity for a tester to learn how to communicate with the software developers as it would help them be open towards understanding of other’s opinions as well as viewpoints. Instead of explaining about the bug to the developer, it is better to get feedback from them regarding in which scenarios or technologies or coding standards would the same kind of issues be expected. In a project lifecycle, development and testing is mandatory. Therefore none of them can be ignored. It is inevitable to work as a team as it helps in reducing the internal issues at the project level and thus successful application or product could be delivered.

Never Compromise on the Quality

If you are a tester, then it is your responsibility to ensure best quality for the software being developed by the development team. If you have found a bug which the development team has asked you to ignore, you can get in to discussions with them and resolve the bug, because ultimately it is the tester’s job to ensure software quality and there should not be any compromise on quality aspects.

Be an important part of the Team

This point is more applicable to beginners in testing. More than the total years of experience you might have as a software tester, how much you can contribute as a tester matters more. Having less experience does not mean that testers could not coordinate in the meetings. It is up to a tester to request the management to make them a part of their discussions and seek clarifications if any and make the best efforts to deliver the required skills that your company expects from a beginner in software testing.

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