If we spend close to an hour per day in a self-driving car, how will we use that?
Human and Autonomous Machine Interaction
David Silver

It’s an interesting thought, but in a world where the tech is sufficiently advanced for fully-autonomous cars, you would expect that there is also a greater ability to work remotely.

So is there an upcoming shift in the nature of vehicle usage? For example, longer commutes could be dramatically reduced (1–2 days per week instead of 4–5 days). For those that live in the city, would autonomous vehicles take the shape of buses, taxis, etc. where we currently are passive passengers?

In this case, would autonomous vehicles be used for pleasure instead? Imagine the car taking you door-to-door for your vacation, or to see distant relatives? In these situations, you are likely to have your family and/or friends with you anyway and the journey becomes a time of interacting with each other, playing games (not necessarily I-spy!).

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