The Top 10 Interior Design Trends 2017 published by CROWDYHOUSE

Every year we get to see thousands of new products launched, presented and sold on CROWDYHOUSE. Our team carefully reviews every product for production quality and originality. We have a zero-tolerance policy to copied designs or concepts. This team of design scouts also travels all over Europe to the leading design events such as Milan, Eindhoven and London. Additionally, our campaigns team works closely with some of the leading design publications and bloggers such as Elle Decoration. Personally, I speak with designers on a weekly basis, always curious about what they are creating. New processes, materials, colours, concepts and even politics influence designers and their creations.

As a business, with the single goal — to find and promote the most exciting designers in Europe — we are at a crossroads of influences; a junction between designers, publications, events and many new products. This puts us in a unique and privileged position. We have created this guide to the Top 10 Interior Design Trends 2017 by being at this crossroads, witnessing all that drives past us and accumulating this into one document. In this guide, we have included: quotes from designers about each trend, references to the leading publications and a selection of products launched recently following these trends. All the products are available to order directly from the designers on

Our aim is to share this trend guide to all lovers of design and interiors; with the hope, they will be inspired by well developed concepts, materials, colours and themes. It is pleasing to see such a strong underlying theme, behind all the trends, towards natural materials and colours. I believe we are at our happiest in nature itself. To have a little more in your home can only be a good thing.

From myself and the CROWDYHOUSE team we hope you enjoy this guide as much as we did creating it.

Mark Studholme


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