Does Coffee miss me?

A funny thing happened when I went Vegan and alcohol free a month ago. Yes, I know, I got really boring and perfectly dreadful to hang out with (unless you were vegan, in which case we could tell each other “I’m vegan” every 8 minutes.)

The funny thing is I stopped craving caffeine.

It’s occurred to me that I’m either having a really odd midlife crisis OR I need a brain scan for possible tumors BUT this caffeine thing is really odd. Perhaps like you I got into caffeine/coffee/espresso/ my current favorite has been the macchiato — espresso with just a hint of foam — during school. 30 years later it’s been a mad every day love affair. This love has been just as clingy as apparently any other really dire drug addiction / codependent relationship would/could/should be. If you believe the movies/popular fiction/newspapers. And I do.

So why am I sitting here on a Wednesday morning at 11am with no caffeine craving?

A broken espresso machine in past years has sent me quickly to the door out in to the world for a quick double somewhere, anywhere really. Ignoring a perfectly capable espresso system? Unthinkable.

I’ll end this by telling you that being plant based for a month has been pretty amazing. I never really even thought it was possible until that dare from my incredible wife “We should….. for 30 days”.

So here we are. Vegan. And caffeine is collateral damage.

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