(Mid) Weekly Notes 08


I’ve finally switched to the new version of marksuth.dev, now using Laravel as a base framework rather than having WordPress as a full-fat CMS. It isn’t perfect and there’s a few rough edges to iron out, however it had gotten to the point of if I didn’t switch, I’d probably still have the beta version under construction indefinitely.

What’s next?

Now that the new version is launched, I’m concentrating on getting the final few rough edges ironed out, and re-implementing parts of my old site I want to retain, namely:

  • Fix micropub support
  • Fix Webmention support
  • re-add shortlink support
  • re-add ability to tag posts and photos
  • Automated POSSE (Post Own Site, Sync Elsewhere)
  • Places API integration for photo tagging
  • full support for RSVP, like, checkin and reply post types
  • Make the site repo public and easily forkable including documentation.


I’ve been making use of having a week off by taking the chance to sort through the various amounts of stuff I’ve accumulated and either donating, selling or recycling things where appropriate (anyone got a use for a DVI to VGA cable?). This is mainly to simplify my setup in general and to make life a bit easier simply by the fact there’s less stuff I don’t use.



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