Why I’m A Minimalist Prepper

After 40 years of doom and gloom, and the world is still here, I have managed to narrow down the do’s and dont’s of being prepared.

Mindset, stay upbeat in any bad survival situation, or just a rainy day. We all know someone that is always negative and down, even in good times, don’t be like that.

Every Day Carry, will help you to not get caught with your pants down. These things are your tools to help you in any SHTF scenarios or when Murphy’s Law drops in along your life's journey. You want to be that person that says, “I got this”, not: I don’t have a knife, a light, can you help me?”.

Simple Bug Out Plan is key to you and your families survival, no different than a fire escape plan. It really is simple, keep an eye on things that affect your life and an ear to the wall. Have a quick evac plan, think of it like a plan to go camping for a long weekend. Gather your important stuff and make a list, then just be ready.

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