In Fighting Fake News, the Mainstream Media Has Poisoned Itself
Isaac Simpson

Hold on… you’re the same guy who wrote that piece about how if Trump is impeached, “real Americans” will pull a reverse Galt’s Gulch revolution and starve out the cities by denying them access to… um… low grade corn and soybeans? After reading these two pieces of yours, I’m having trouble figuring out whether you’re just a coward and not very smart, or you’re a semi-clever right-winger attempting to craft propaganda specifically targeting the soft, flabby, underinformed edges of America’s left/liberal flank. Either way, you can fuck right off with this bogus bullshit. Because you don’t have to have been some kind of Alex Jones super-fan to know that he and his Infowars minions spent weeks pimping absolutely 100-percent all-in “IT’S REAL GUYS!” Pizzagate stories, front page top of the fold, until shots were fired and they purged their pages and changed their tune. You’re a misinformer, and I hope anybody reading my comment will make an effort to avoid your future writing.

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