Can West Harnham Survive?

So after you’ve recovered from the news about the clubs mass exodus in our last post, you’ll probably be wondering if West Harnham can still survive?

There is no easy or short answer to that, but they were equipped with some key advantages and disadvantages before the story begin — as i had a hunch Cray might struggle to keep hold of players.

The club is considered rich for it’s level and the transfer money received in the summer has brought it’s estimated value up to £248M. Perhaps more important though, it’s got a nice big stadium and loyal fan base, so the money should keep on rollin’ in, even without the continual player sales.

The club has state of the art training, youth facilities and youth recruitment, so it should keep pumping out good players long after the originals have gone. It’ll need to aswell as they are under transfer embargo by the FA until after the 2019 January transfer window after Graham Chalk trophy incident in the Amesbury Athletic era.

Club Details
World Class Facilities
Very Talented Backroom Staff