Story So Far 31/01/2017

West Harnham FC still haven’t lost a game with 28 wins and 1 draw from 29 games. It’s hard to see how we won’t win the league this year.

Two players have left, Jordan Palmer (Everton) and Lee Bartlett (Arsenal), but the impact of this will be minimal on the club that is rich of talent, as Jamie Ritchie steps into Jordans shoes and takes on the mantle of MVP.

There’s alot of interest in the squad at the moment, with 13 players wanted by other clubs. Chris Raymond will need to careful not to sell all his talent before they can get him and the club climbing up the football league.

Ritchie, Sharp, Ward, C Palmer, Johnson, Philpotts and Plank are enjoying alot of game time. Dean Wrixon is yet to make a start with Pike, Knowles, Smith, Nicklen and G Denyer also struggling to make any type of impact so far.

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*Lee Bartlett & Jordan Palmer reset due to transfer

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